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    The G36C replacement mod has met good expectations for people looking for a particular alternative to the M16 rifle. 
    The textures used for the rifle has remained true to the zombie apocalypse setting, giving it a nice look both underneath lighting or when in complete darkness. 
    Its tactical features such as the flashlight and the laser dot placement is also well-placed. 
    The reloading animation is fluid and well-thought out, making it unique than your typical 'pull mag out and load another in'. 
    Rapid fire animation is consistent and everything looks very very aesthetic!


    First person animation of the gun makes it look like you are constantly sprinting. While minor, perhaps I would've prefer a more subtle swaying of the rifle.
    While the animation is consistent when firing at full automatic, the barrel alignment and bullet flight path do not match in a straight line to the reticule. It seems like the bullet travels 10 degrees to the left out of the barrel when shot.
    The gun fire sound however is oddly very out of place. It sounds quieter than other vanilla rifles. I had expected a beefier, louder gun fire as you would expect from a rifle with a standard 5.56x45mm bullet (which the M16 has too).


    The entire rifle looks very pleasing for those people looking for a HD textured replacement of the game's vanilla M16. It looks very practical and sensible in terms of realism.

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