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    S&W Model 29 Review

    I have tried basically every revolver mod on this website as well as in the Steam Workshop and this one is the absolute best!  Virtually none of the other revolvers get the small, but important details right but this one does.  Why is it nobody textures the ammunition even though this flaw is seen constantly every time a reload is done?  This mod DOES HAVE TEXTURES on the ammunition and that alone puts it above the other revolvers (I recall only one other one on this website that has textured cartridges.)  Furthermore, this mod DOES NOT have a custom firing sound, which is an advantage.  Personally, I prefer to use Magnum Fire Sound Replacement, which is available on this website but if I ever found another I like better I can easily replace it.  About the only slightly negative thing I could say about this is the name should probably be changed to S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum Revolver, because even non-gun people will definitely realize just from the name that it is a revolver.  Also, having the word revolver in the name would make it easier to find when searching for it.
    Non-gun people may not realize this but I do, since I once sold guns for Cabela's:  revolvers would be better than pistols if there every was an attack of zombies.  Revolvers can fire out of battery (meaning when touching the bad guy), and most pistols can't.  Also, revolvers almost never jam if properly maintained (they can fail to rotate if not maintained or if a primer is too tall) and tend to be a little more accurate provided they have a good grip.  Finally, there is no slide to rack or manual safety someone might forget to disengage.
    I wish someone with the skill of those who made this mod would make a black 4" S&W Performance Center .357 with light rail and rubber grips- that would be about as good as it gets if there ever was a zombie outbreak, in part because it's an 8-shot revolver.

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