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  • No thank you.

    The first maps are alright. but the last map is quite literally just a huge maze with mile long corridors where all walls look exactly the same. 
    When you do eventually find the finale, there's a radio which you can use to call for help, but you wouldn't know because there's no audio clue.
    There's no audio playing next to an endless alarm in the entire last map too. its just infuriating and boring.
    I would reccomend you just stop playing before the last map. the finale didn't even work either. somehow the usual hordes stopped dead in their tracks.

Published Items

  • Mod

    Mad Max's Spotter

    This is a rather basic mod that replaces the buggy with the "Spotter" from the Mad Max game. I've also taken the liberty to modify the Gauss Rifle to it better resembles its viewmodel a bit. It contains a script that makes the car go ...

  • Mod

    Beta Saferoom Door

    This saferoom door is build to resemble the beta door. I made this model for the Renegadist, as a L4D1 mod. But since he never did anything with it so far and many people wanted it in l4d1, i'm releasing this here. This is not 100% ...

  • Mod

    High Visibility Items

    This mod adds a colored, glowing outline to the following items: AA Batteries - yellow D Batteries - Orange Industrial Fuses - red Bolt cutter - white Keys - white Keycards - white Sledgehammer - white Also contains instruc...

  • Mod

    Cannabis Door

    Swaps out the stick figure on the door with a Cannabis leaf. Download contains proper install instructions

  • Mod

    Smoothened L4D Survivors

    This submission contains smoothened L4D survivors fully standalone. All textures and animations included. This acts as a mod! It replaces all uses of these players that you had used in every project you saved. Only downside is bill...

  • Map

    TUMTaRA v0.8

    This is a slightly cleaned up version of TUMTaRA 0.8. The only difference between this version and the Original 0.8 is the TLS content. I also cleaned up some brushwork and optimized it a bit, but its essentially the same. Thanks to...

  • Mod

    Nuka Cola vending machines

    Replaces the soda vending machines with Nuka Cola ones from Fallout 4. The screens are animated. Containing the entire cartoon (1054 frames). The game has two models for those machines. One model has two skins, one of those skins is...

  • Mod

    Prop Fix Pack (40+ Models)

    Left 4 Dead 2 has several props that are broken, weird looking or just not right. So I took it upon myself to fix things valve could not be bothered to do themselves, along with a few other things. But what does this pack do? i hear y...

  • Mod
    • Archived

    Howitzer LOD Fix

    This mod fixes the second LOD model of the Howitzer. Normally, parts of the tire would vanish when you stand at a specific distance. Not anymore! "This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named мя...

  • Mod

    Stripeless And Faster SnakeHead T20

    This mod removes the annoying red stripe from the speedboad, adds a wood finish to the seats and leather instead of fully white fabric. There is also a version that makes the boat go faster aswell (used in the video)

  • Mod
    • Archived

    New vomit overlay on player

    this mod replaces the shared vomit overlay the players get when vomited on. I am not responsible if it does not apply correctly on custom models.

  • Mod
    • Archived

    Mirror's Edge Ammobag

    Did you ever wonder what's inside that bag? It's ammunition! Credits: DICE / Electronic Arts - Model, Textures MrFunreal - Port, Texture edit

  • Mod
    • Archived

    Rainbow Dash Fender Stratocaster

    This Dashie themed guitar comes with custom sounds /)( °3°)(\ Credits: Rockband (game): model Anabsoluteblast: porting to Gmod Splinks: porting from Gmod to L4D2 Miztaegg: revamping original textures Funreal: reskin + main body bumpma...

  • Mod

    Dual Wield Colt 1911


    This Beautiful Colt 1911 replaces the dual pistols. It comes with four skins. The main download mirror only contains the dual clasic pistols, the external mirror contains al four skin that you can use individually. Credits: Waedoe - Mo...

  • Mod
    • Archived

    Hell Sword

    This badass sword replaces the Katana. Credits: Firebat - Model, Textures MrFunreal - Port, Texture edit, Blood texture. I used Crowbar to decompile the original model and even used it's decompiled animations. That means i could reanim...

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