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Your average 3ds max and Hammer enjoyer, who likes to work on stuff. I like fixing old maps, I used to play ages ago and porting models of the characters I love

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  • Almost complete rip-off of Leafo's work. Disappointed, but unsurprised.

    So, I actually decided to gather up all my patience and make a full run to give this campaign a proper review, because why would I shit on the work that I haven't even tried yet? So I did. This version is almost exactly the same as the original upload by Leafo, which once again brings the question? - Why does it exist?
    - Sure, it fixed the broken flow error in the 1st chapter, that presents in both the original and Pops version, but christ. You can just restart the whole campaign once and it will be fixed.
    - Sure, it removed the darkness filter, but you can cause a black and white state in Pops version on one of the Survivors, greatly improving the vision of this survivor and thus, he'll be able to scout ahead, which encourages the teamwork.
    - High ping issue in the 2nd map on transition from the mirror room still presents, which will persist for the remaining duration of the level. If you get wiped and the level gets restarted, you will have to deal with this for the whole duration of the map. (which is the longest btw) Had this been fixed, maybe it would be enough to actually give it 4/10.
    - The lack of Pops gameplay changes, (the infamous key search simulator) destroys the purpose of many areas in the whole campaign. I literally ran through the whole 3rd map to the saferoom, skipped probably 50% of the areas and completed the level in 5 mins, thanks to my good knowledge of the map. (Same case with the 5th map)
    - Same as the original, this version doesn't disable default ambience, which will overlap with the intended campaign's OST and ruin the atmosphere.
    - Many malfunctioning navblockers (cause the infected to spawn in locked out areas, making them susceptable to cheesy strats)
    - Missing Alone in The Town OST from SH2 in the finale! (Minor issue for some or for many, but this is actually the reason I sometime play this campaign)
    - If the author is really willing to make a difference here, he'll have to work real hard to do so. If the Pops gameplay changes really bother you, and you don't want to deal with broken flow error, this version may work as an Easy Mode of this campaign. However, as it stands right now, the lack of changes and fixes compared to the original upload by Leafo, does not justify it's existence. I would have actually reported this as a stolen work.

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  • 16 Maps
    Silent Hill 1

    This version of Silent Hill 1 by Leafo will be continuation of what PopTheseFools has started. From now on, I'm taking over the campaign and will provide you with active updates, so if you're still subscribed to his or any other versions...

  • Mod
    Rebecca Chambers - Evil (Team Wesker Outfit)

    Replaces Zoey to Rebecca Chambers in Team Wesker outfit from Resident Evil Zero. ---------------------- This is the first model I ever export, so if something's wrong, feel free to report. This model is complete, but not finished. I'm ...

  • Mod
    Albert Wesker S.T.A.R.S (RE5)

    This mod will replace Nick to Albert Wesker in S.T.A.R.S outfit from Resident Evil 5. The model is complete and opened for updates. The skinning still requires some polishing. Write your suggestions down below. Note: Wesker name on the...

  • Mod
    Albert Wesker Midnight (Nick)

    This Mod will replace Nick to Albert Wesker in Midnight outfit from Resident Evil 5. I used ZeqMacaw trick to rerig his anims, so they aren't exactly Nick's, not all of them anyways. (For example, Rifle and Pistol idle animations will be...

  • 12 Maps
    [OBSOLETE] Silent Hill (Enhanced)


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  • Mod
    L4D1 modifications

    This mod will bring you back L4D1 atmosphere. It has l4d1 special infected skins, l4d1 pistols by PappaSkurtz, l4d1 radial menu and many other things. Fully online compatible. Just make sure you disable the mods that conflict with this one.

  • Mod
    Silent Hill Sound Fix (Real)

    This mod will fix your ambient sounds in Leafo's Silent Hill campaign. Special thanks to all who responded to fix the remaining sounds. Extract .vpk to your addons folder along with a sound.cache you will find in external link.

  • Mod
    Wesker's voice.
    Beta N/A

    Hey everyone, since I've made some progress in sound modding, I decided to start some bigger project and it will be Wesker's voice port. I saw already a mod like this here, but my version will have more variety, better quality and from l...

  • Mod
    Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Music for Tank

    I know that there is one mod like this. My version will replace all Tank music met in the game. Starting with common Tank Music where instead will be playing Nemesis theme. And in finale, there will be nemesis is back theme. The dark car...


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