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    So I actually managed to play through the entire campaign this time around. It took 2 hours. It's funny because I didn't really like this campaign back in the day and how do i feel today? Well, some aspects I like, others I don't like, it's certainly not my favourite campaign but I'd imagine a superfan of Silent Hill or someone who grew up with it would really, really like this campaign. Generally speaking; I'm not a fan of non-traditional campaigns; that is to say: ones that deviate from the L4D formula (linear maps with rooms to scavenge.) This one is non linear (duh). I'll say having the items highlighted in this version helps SO MUCH you don't understand how better that makes the experience, because you're just not sure what to pick up because not everything is obvious and they're easy to miss (probably a big reason I didn't like this campaign back then.)
    There's a wide variety of environments, and the lighting is either superb or so dark you can only see what your flashlight illuminates, pretty nuts. The occultism is cool (always something I "enjoy" don't take that the wrong way heh.)
    Alright I've been all over the place this review, let's get down to business: I will say it's the main gimmick of this campaign and that's to scavenge for "key items" or something that helps you progress, which... I didn't mind too much, the problem arises when you occidentally walk past a room you're supposed to search, then you end up wasting a bit of time wandering around, thankfully didn't happen to me too much.
    The formula reminds me of a game I actually played a lot "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" where you do the exact same thing in a horror environment with more gimmicks. 
    I will give kudos to the author, I don't know if it was Leafo or Dzhigurda that placed the supplies around, but it makes the campaign actually beatable and enjoyable since you're never in a situation really where you're screwed so long as you're not getting hit by every special infected.
    As for bugs, for some reason on the chapter "Alternative Hospital" it seems as though I could open the safe room door early(?) I'm not actually sure, I THINK I got a key, but anyways the bots wouldn't follow me in, so you either slowwly push them into the room and then the saferoom or you just kill them right there, navmesh needs fixing here either way or whatever this problem is.
    The finale is a bit anti-climactic I will say, but... does it really need to be some epic holdout finale? Nah I think it's fine the way it is, you need a quick ending after a 2 hour long campaign lol.
    In conclusion; avoid this campaign if you don't enjoy non-linear map (aka looking around for items to progress and solve "puzzles.") If you don't mind that though, enjoy yourself, allocate time, grab some friends and enjoy the 2 or more hour long experience in one sitting if you can, there's fun to be had.

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