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  • Pros:

    -Lots of Areas to explore/hold up
    -Beautiful layout and environment
    -Custom textures with ssbump maps (I really like the snow. Best I've seen so far)
    -Looks and plays better and of higher quality than 80% of other maps/campaigns on this site (in my opinion)
    -Good weapons placement


    -Infected nacigation could be improved so that they spawn in more places. They seem to spawn in the same 2 places everytime no matter where you are. Its a easy fix though, so no worries.
    -Very minor player clipping in some boundary areas.


    All in all this map is very beautiful, well constructed, and professional. I've only played it for about 10 minutes, but I can't seem to find anything that I dont like about it. It's refreshing to see another mapper who takes time to build a good map, instead of cranking out half-assed maps or campaigns. The custom textures, skybox, and color correction, give this map a very distinctive feel. I highly recommend downloading and playing it :)

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Published Items

  • Map
    Hell House 2

    A map that is based upon my parents home. Features custom textures and a few custom models to reflect reality. Versions 1 -3 were released when I still lived there. **V4.0 is out now! Now features a (hopefully) better brand new nav mes...

  • Map
    Hallowed Winter

    Survival + Scavenge map set in a snow covered environment. Map is centered around a slovakian styled church in a forest.

  • Map
    Ice Break
    Beta 8.6

    MAJOR changes to this map will take place after I am done revising Hallowed Winter. Better, and possibly bigger ship, better docks, and better nav. keep an eye out. - Aug28th

  • Map
    Hell House

    Survival map based around my actual home. Main focus was in detail. Map contains over 20 completely custom textures, including actual photos of my family members. Approximately 90 hours spent on this map.


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