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    -Lots of Areas to explore/hold up
    -Beautiful layout and environment
    -Custom textures with ssbump maps (I really like the snow. Best I've seen so far)
    -Looks and plays better and of higher quality than 80% of other maps/campaigns on this site (in my opinion)
    -Good weapons placement


    -Infected nacigation could be improved so that they spawn in more places. They seem to spawn in the same 2 places everytime no matter where you are. Its a easy fix though, so no worries.
    -Very minor player clipping in some boundary areas.


    All in all this map is very beautiful, well constructed, and professional. I've only played it for about 10 minutes, but I can't seem to find anything that I dont like about it. It's refreshing to see another mapper who takes time to build a good map, instead of cranking out half-assed maps or campaigns. The custom textures, skybox, and color correction, give this map a very distinctive feel. I highly recommend downloading and playing it :)

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