Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Today's Top Maps
3 Maps Campaign
My company CUBE! 3 map campaign. It is also my first campaign, so please do n... More >
Updated 02/08/17
Uploader Herbius

2 Facility 13 2017
Survival Let's Build
A research/barricade based game inspired by rimrook's 'Let's Build a Rocket!'... More >
Updated 01/09/18
Uploader masaKRK

3 Small Survival map Alpha
This is a work in progress Survival type map. This map is still early in deve... More >
Updated 05/10/17
Uploader Snowblue
Author Snow

4 Ultima linea de defensa V2
Little survival map. Only one way to defend. Second version. More >
Updated 08/25/17
Uploader VvLkan0

5 Highrise of Doom Sv. L4D1 Port
L4D1 Port - This is survival map originally created by "damagefilter". I've m... More >
Updated 12/17/17

6 Xenoschreck2 Sv. (Fixed)
This is a another survival map by X3Ent3nte FOXHOUND that needed some love. F... More >
Updated 03/21/18

7 HeHe8:Taboo Curse
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Please be careful to download the player with a bad attitude! ! ! This map is... More >
Updated 07/06/18
Uploader hkTDXH

8 广东职业技术学院
4 Maps Co-Op
this is my first map,so is easy,This map is based on my big school More >
Updated 04/06/19
Uploader chenchen2
Author 晨晨

9 Yigao School (Fixed)
2 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Added stringletable to all maps. a school map this map is made for commemor... More >
Updated 07/05/19
Uploader Godzx329

10 Cold Fear 2 Fixed
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Face your Cold Fears! Fixed 20.09.2019 Added missing texture brickwall004a. ... More >
Updated 09/22/19
Uploader DarthDed
Author TRANE

Popular Content (Today)
I did not create it, I only took it from the Workshop Created by JazzMcNade ... More >
Updated 04/02/20
Uploader atkelfnz07
Author JazzMcNade

2 Forsaken Forest Sv. (Fixed)
A repaired survival map by Lethal from 2010. Another pretty basic map. Had so... More >
Updated 04/02/20

3 El verdadero sonido de las armasS
Audio Weapons
este mod llego gracias al meme que enviaron al grupo del server legacy More >
Updated 04/01/20
Uploader Arsenio159
Author Taz

4 [L4D2] KF2 Eviscerator Sounds (Chainsaw)
Audio Weapons
Replaces: Chainsaw Sounds Tripwire Interactive: Audio TFA: KF2 Melee Pack fo... More >
Updated 03/30/20
Uploader KleinerJay

5 Azur Lane UI final version(碧蓝航线 UI最终版)
GUI Menus
【说明】这个是碧蓝航线 UI最终版,素材来源于碧蓝航线 [Description] This is the... More >
Updated 03/29/20
Uploader HCHA
Author HCHA

6 Honoka cow shirt Rochelle & Zoey (request)
Miscellaneous Survivors
Honoka cow shirt Rochelle & Zoey (request) Only Dead or Alive 5 : Last Round... More >
Updated 03/29/20
Uploader l4dkk
Author l4dkk

7 COSMIC LOVE for Credits Music
Audio Miscellaneous
This will replace the default end credits music with COSMIC LOVE (second song... More >
Updated 03/29/20
Uploader Fate_ForcesFTH

8 Kawakaze (Kancolle) voice line improvement
Audio Miscellaneous
Replace the hurtminors, hurtmajors and hurtcriticals voice line from Kawakaze... More >
Updated 03/28/20
Uploader unknownboi
Author Seramphanx

9 Maya Kai (Kancolle) voice line improvement
Audio Miscellaneous
Replace the hurtminors, hurtmajors and hurtcriticals voice line from Maya Kai... More >
Updated 03/28/20
Uploader unknownboi
Author Seramphanx

10 Welcome to Hell - Finale Radio Message Patch
Audio Survivors
This is a patch to the Welcome to Hell campaign by Garfield!! that switches ... More >
Updated 03/28/20
Uploader wenzday
Author wenzday

Popular Content (Monthly)
Miscellaneous Survivors
Tavish DeGroot, the bomb throwing cycloptic drunken Demoman is ready to make ... More >
Updated 03/28/12
Uploader 1337gamer15
Author 1337gamer15

2 Zoey Replaces Witch (Plus) Zoey's Voice
Works with skins on i turned on my Zoey Green Mod so it affected it and yes i... More >
Updated 02/03/12
Uploader monstergaga(l4d)

3 Ghost
Miscellaneous Survivors
Lieutenant Simon 'Ghost' Riley was a British special forces operator in Call ... More >
Updated 02/07/12
Uploader Batman1954
Author Batman

4 Katana Hellsing
a katana reskin i made long time ago. handle was completely reskined, changed... More >
Updated 02/01/13
Uploader k1chwa
Author K1CHWA

5 Vienna Calling 1
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Now for 'Left4Dead 2'! They could take a look at the precious sights of Vienn... More >
Updated 02/23/11
Uploader 44Vmapping
Author 44Vmapping

6 Death Pit 2
Survival Scavenge
Fight in the death pit using the all new L4D2 arsenal at your dispense! Chain... More >
Updated 08/01/10
Uploader Thegreen16
Author Thegreen16

7 Parasite Station2
With New York decimated by the neo-mitochondrial creatures the 17th precinct ... More >
Updated 06/19/12
Uploader X3Ent3nte

8 Drop Dead Gorges
3 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
Originally conceived and heavily tested as a versus campaign, version 2 const... More >
Updated 12/19/13
Uploader cincinnati
Author cincinnati

9 Dead Flag Blues 2
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
In a desolate and zombie infested world you and your group try to find some r... More >
Updated 03/06/16
Uploader fmpfmp

10 Dead District
Survival Scavenge
In this map, the Survivors have to resist against bunches of zombies in an un... More >
Updated 07/17/11
Uploader The Mark
Author The Mark

4 Below Left 4 Dead 2
Uploader: Nullvector
Author: David
VERSION 1.5: Lots of bug fixes and gameplay changes, read changelog for full details!

Arctic Contest 2nd Place Winner! - ADD-ON SUPPORT REQUIRED (Found in your Tools tab in Steam)

Refuel the chopper to escape in Scavenge mode or make your last stand at its burning wreckage in Survival.
View Changelog (v1.5 Complete)
Updated: 03/10/10   •   Views: 204,711  •  4below.vpk (28MB)