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Hell House

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    Amazing attention to detail, and it took me about 5 minutes to look around all the rooms! I absolutely loved the way you spread weapons / items around the map, and I also liked the Dead Air "tied together" gas canisters that were spread around at least 2 places in the map. Large map with lots of places to survive, and makes the player play the map multiple times to try and find the place that lets them survive the longest. You should be really proud of all of those things. Once again, loved the detail and the custom textures.


    Obviously there were some nav problems, but when you play with friends that's not a problem. Another small problem was that if you try and stay in the house after you've called the rescue (That obviously doesn't come), it's really easy to reach at least a bronze. I believe that the first time I played it I managed 1:19 minutes without firing / killing an infected after I called the rescue. 
    (Just to let you know, I do know you have released a new copy of the map, with the fixed nav problems, so you can pretty much forget the first Con... But remember, the review is on this map).


    All in all, a superb map, with great detail. The 90 hours you used to made this were obviously well spent, and I can't imagine how much you gave up to make this amazing map. Obviously you didn't spent 90 consecutive hours on it, but either you have loads of free time, or you gave up loads of things to create this. Even though there were a few problems with the map, and as I know you've copied the map but fixed the problems, from me, this gets a very well deserved 95 / 100. 

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