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I learned Hammer in February of 2010 and have since then made one survival map and one campaign. I am currently on hiatus after finishing v2.0 of RMS Titanic.

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    Challenging puzzles
    So many memorable and OMG moments
    Very unique
    There is some randomness in each chapter
    No nav or brush errors (that I came across)


    Not practical in single player?


    Just when you think things couldn't get any crazier, the next chapter goes and tops the last!  A great campaign to play with three of your friends, especially if you're into puzzle and traps.  The only problem I had along the way was at the end of chapter 1 (having trouble getting across the bridge), but after that it was smooth sailing.  Overall I would VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CAMPAIGN to anyone wanting to play a puzzle map with some friends.  Great campaign!

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