Questionable Ethics

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  • Long & Difficult
  • Teamwork is crucial.
  • Contains traps.
  • Contains randomness.


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  • ShineKiaa

    Posted this review


    Either you love it or you hate it

    Completed in expert realism with friends, and I won't lie, that felt freaking fulfilled! Opps, sorry for the language. (Btw highly not recommend to play it with bots)
    This map is already super hard in expert, almost felt impossible to complete at first try, and completing it in expert realism mode is total insane.
    This's really a very controversial map that either people love it or hate it and I was quite surprised I didn't hate it. QE (questionable ethics in short) is not the valve-official-like story map. It doesn't have a story or an environment that we would feel it's zombie-apocalypse and we're trying to escape and look for the rescue from one point to another. I felt more like we're being trapped in a harsh zombies environment as a test subjects, conducted by somebody or an organization, so that we can get tested or manipulated by him/her. In short, it's a skills map, a map that tests our zombies skills, teamwork, and IQ, how far we can survive with our team.
    I'm not really gonna list the pros here. I just really like the map 'cause of how creative and challenging it is. Weird that even though I've put 5 stars here, but in this review I'm just gonna list some complaints even though it's most likely not gonna change anything seeing the last updated time of the latest version.
    Map 1: Spawning charger at the last gauntlet is too much! (especially when they just drop from the ceiling)
    Map 2: The dropping cars and the pipe, coupled with the smokers and hordes is really !@#$%^
    Map 3: Director often spawns a tank here in the beginning and it's just super annoying and difficult to pass. The smokers and the chargers here also are the big cause of restart!
    Map 4: This finale is the hardest hold out finale I'd consider. Killing a tank in such a watery environment with platforms to keep jumping on it is already very demanding, and the count down drop down pillars on the platform makes the demand to the next level. Without the pipe trick to kill tank, it's extremely and immensely challenging. 
    p.s. Completing this in expert realism with 0 restart definitely requires some luck... If I manage to do one with my team, I'll post a video here, you're very welcome to check them out if I do. The ending really surprised me at my first try.

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