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  • EricChang

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    Really nice Titanic campaign... with some death traps.XD

    This is one of the campaign I've played when I started to play L4D2.^^ Survivors must escape from the Titanic's lower room to the upper deck, and then take a lifeboat to escape from Titanic.^^ Overall level design is OK and difficulty is normal.^^ But there are two death traps need to be wary of, the first is on the aisle from the deck to the safe room in chapter 4, the second is on the deck where is no guardrail in the finale, both of them will suddenly appear charger, and then carries the survivors into the sea if survivors doesn't dodge them.QWQ And after calling the rescue and defeating the second wave of tanks, survivors must get to the lifeboat as fast as possible, or survivors may be stucked by the tank in the stairwell.XD

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    I need more bullets -Ellis DOnt recharge to steam workshop with your stupid "CreDITs To Mr CheKenPooL" Damn, Dont is dont, asshóle

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