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  • Pros:

    * Selective fire for SMG and rifles.
    * Added safety mode.
    * Works bug-free!


    * No indicator message as to what firing mode the gun-in-hand is at the heat of an intense battle. This poses a problem for players, like me, who have disabled crosshairs or the whole HUD for realism purposes (- 0.5)
    * Should be limited for fully-automatic SMG and rifles (- 0.0)
    * Three-burst for fully-automatic rifles are not of the same rate as the SCAR-L: It fires two rounds in succession, but has a 0.3 second delay to fire a third bullet... but I still can stand with it. (- 0.0)


    Can I leave a suggestion here? You can also make an experiment by making this mod as a .SMX Sourcemod plugin (just to get rid of problems with overridden autoexec.cfg)... but I know you would not like the prospect of having a hard time making an .SMX plugin from scratch. Still, this is a great mod for players who want to control their ammunition values. Kudos to you!
    PS: Waiting for indicator messages, just like what # Mentlegen is doing as of this moment :)

Published Items

  • Mod
    MU Online Soundtracks

    This mod replaces 'themonsterswithin,' 'themonsterswithin_l4d1,' 'skinonourteeth,' 'and skinonourteeth_l4d1' with certain soundtracks from MU Online. This is meant for those who started their online gaming during the late 1990's to early...

  • Mod
    League of RANDOMNESS loading screen (REVISED)

    This replaces the rather ordinary loading screen with a fake League of Legends loading screen (codenamed League of Randomness, as the title suggests)... featuring characters from Fairy Tail and Hyperdimension Neptunia (Victory); one char...

  • Mod
    League of Legends loading screen (REVISED)

    OK, I'll be straight on this one (for those who were misled by the first loading screen I uploaded): this is the real League of Legends loading screen, featuring a bot match, that'll replace the default in-game computer screen. This is ...

  • Mod
    SAPATOS PA! (smell some more!)

    Replaces the seemingly-ordinary desktop screen with the famous meme from League of Legends PH facebook page called 'Sapatos pa!' Something for Filipino L4D2 gamers to enjoy, but everyone is welcome to download it! Warning: Do not inhale...

  • Mod
    Can't take my eyes off you CREDITS theme

    Before I truly leave the 'stage' for good (I'll be gone for a few months or up to a year to undertake a spiritual journey on my own), here's a parting gift to the Community who have accepted me as a fellow Forumer and Gamer: Hayate no G...

  • Mod
    TMXavier's Karuel Border Credits theme

    Changes the Left 4 Dead 2 generic credits theme with the dungeon theme 'Karuel Border' from the hit side-scrolling game, Grand Chase. Fit to credits only, and will fade out when the credits are finished. I know it may looked too early fo...

  • Mod
    TMXavier's Schindler's List Credits theme

    Inspired by # Space-time's 'Schindler's List Deathtune' mod, this replaces the ending theme with Itzak Perlman's composition from the said movie. Fits only with the credits rolling at the end of every campaign, has fade-in/fade-out and o...


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