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    Hi, IllusivePie. I like the 2 first maps of your campaign, lots of Tanks and hordes but was fun, but on third map I got burned at the very beginning and then the level restarted to the ending safe room. Hope you can fix that.
    Thanks for your work!

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • Dave, if you see this, I guess you might as well take it over for yourself and see if you can at least fix the end of the last chapter.
      This version of a Ravenholm campaign has potential.
      It's unfortunate it randomly crashes at the same area at the very end of all issues.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

    • Make sure that the info_survivor_positions are named correctly. Also that the info landmarks aren't named the same by accident :). Hope that helps

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

    • Yes, the safe room from map 3 to map 4, you start there when your team gets killed so you only need to close the door to pass the level. Don't know if it happens in other maps as I only got killed there.
      (Sorry if my english is bad)

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

    • is the map3 safe room?

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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  • Mod
    A tough coop

    Cooperative mode mutation configurable via a few chat commands. All the information for the configuration is accessible by writing in the game chat: !show_cfg Chat text also appears on the game console. Options in version 1.6: ...

  • Mod
    Tank massacration (Bosses edition)!

    New version of my Tank massacration addon! but with tank bosses with different powers. It is a configurable addon. There are a total of 33 Tank bosses that will appear randomly, 23 of them are Everice's creation for his magnificent ad...

  • Mod
    Big butt ********!

    This addon includes three mutations: A) Big butt ********: - There's only Boomettes and Tanks. At least one Tank is forced to spawn, normally when passing first half of the map. - Variable respawn according to the number of survivor...

  • Mod
    Headshot counter

    Game mode that presents a statistic of death headshots done by survivors. Each headshot can produce a sound and/or a few seconds of slow motion (not always, it's random), configurable by the player. Two VPKs are included: * headshotcou...

  • Mod
    Tank massacration!

    This is my first mutation. It was going to be a mix of Tank rush! by WILLIAMS117™ and Gib fest, but evolved to something new. It's ideal with maps with big areas and scarce ammo. I tested it with Highway 17, Water hazard and Divine Cyber...

  • 4 Maps
    Damned city (fixed)

    This is a fixed version of gamemaps.../details/21362. If you already have it and know how to extract and pack it, you only need to unpack, delete the folder \models\survivors\ and repack to make it works. Since it hasn't been updated for...

    • Archived
  • Map
    Dead center 20 years later fixed

    Dead Center 20 Years Later Survival map by eltoy1337 with fixed navigation file. These are the improvements: - Bots can take medkits, weapons and amunition on every area. - Infected don't get stuck a lot and the "spitter super goo" doe...


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