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Beta tester / developer / owner of the campaigns and maps: Cold Case, Dam It: Buried by the Flood, Dead Echo 2, Die Screaming 2, Escape from Toronto, Helm's Deep. Do not re-upload any of my content to Steam's workshop. Steam & Left 4 Dead created by Chet & Gabe with Valve, no users here lol.

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    • you should've still contacted him and asked for permission.
      but don't worry, i sent him a message myself.
    • not in L4D1,I continue to give the credits to the creator.... happy holidays.

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  • 5 Maps
    • Updated

    Cold Case (including Forsaken) by RF


    Cold Case pits the survivors in yet another impossible scenario. Their ride to safety has mysteriously crash landed on a remote island somewhere in the northwestern United States. After hours of waiting, they decide they are the only fou...

  • 3 Maps

    Zero Warning


    Our four survivors are dropped off via helicopter in the mountainous wonderland, known as "Riverside Park", tasked with the duty of finding gas so their helicopter can refuel. This beautiful and large forest was once home to park rangers...

  • Mod

    Warcelona Tank

    Copito de Nieve, the famous albino gorilla from the Barcelona zoo. special thanks to user "Toranks" for the Last Stand update fixes.

  • Mod

    Gutterpunk Zoey Fixed

    Gutterpunk Zoey updated for proper melee weapon support. Also will show pistols including magnums (holstered when not in use). Credit and thanks go to ZeqMacaw and Xavi for the fixes. Lt. Rocky for original model.

  • 3 Maps

    Ceda Fever

    CEDA is nowhere to be found. The survivors are forced to traverse back through the city to the next nearby evac center. The Union Tech building. They'll have to traverse over rooftops, abandoned streets and trashed apartments to get ther...

  • Map

    The Lost Coast

    Lost Coast is a technology demo for HDR rendering capabilities, featuring around 10 minutes of gameplay. The coast, cliff, and monastery remain mostly untouched. Removed the distant landscape, since they really serve no purpose.

  • Mod

    United We Stand Co-op

    mutation that has the original Left 4 Dead survivors with you in Left 4 Dead 2 survivor campaigns. mode should be listed in same menu options list as other mutations from Rayman and the game. mixed in support for realism mode as well if ...

  • 4 Maps

    Let's Build Our Hideaway (Official/Fixed)

    After losing Bill and helping four strangers on their way to New Orleans. Francis, Louis, and Zoey have finally made it to the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, they weren't the first ones here. Proper version with string tables and new versi...

  • 5 Maps

    Escape From Toronto L4D2

    Our survivors must escape the Great white north by going thru the city of Toronto and then crossing the U.S. Border. Copyright 2022 [Trunten / TimelordMagnums357 / 1SG_Heartless] This item is not authorized for posting on Steam except ...

  • 3 Maps

    Resident Evil 7 House Tech Demo

    This project is a tech demo to see just how far the Source engine can be pushed in terms of accurate recreation of more modern games. As such, it is not designed like a usual Left 4 Dead campaign - The intention was to accurately recreat...

  • 5 Maps

    Dead Echo 2


    'Expert This!' Escape through urban and rural areas whilst fighting swarms of undead on your way to a deserted old military outpost called 'Echo' in the hope to find an evac point. We have a newer and properly fixed up and supporte...

  • 5 Maps

    Night Terror (Fixed)

    Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion! Models and sounds fixed. No other unnecessary changes. Both text files inside the VPK point to author's site as they should. Created by Nipper and Dr. Boo (also known as Snow).

  • 5 Maps

    Yama Finale Fixed


    A 5-map campaign set in various locations throughout Japan. Survivors start in Tokyo's red light district, escaping to Kyoto's Kiyomizu temple, before moving further into the mountains the next morning. Four survivors find themselves str...

  • 5 Maps

    Reverse No Mercy

    You reached the hospital and heard the radio... The rescue won't be coming this way and the plan has changed. Let's go back to the apartment.

  • 5 Maps

    Road To No Where (direct port)

    "Fight your way trough the long road and find a rescue on the end of the bridge" No, "Road to Nowhere 2" is not a port but rather a sequel. Maps were not recompiled. L4D1 Infected. Improved NAV. Credit to RF the Windows Recycle Bin.

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