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I port / repair campaigns for fun to keep the game alive. Check out my Emporium for a collection of over 2000 L4D1/2 and CSS campaigns and associated archives.:) PLURR Dave :)

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  • Unfinished title since 2010. Missing textures, Models, overall incomplete.

    Being honest this map looks like a mess of different good ideas that could have amounted to something with a lot more work. Currently it has missing models, missing textures, and the layout needs a lot of work. I wish you luck someday finishing it up.

Published Items

  • 8 Maps
    Field of the Dead Ext. Mashup (Fixed)

    Note - The sniper can be killed. They shoot at anything moving so you can wait til an event or take your chances then or 5 / 6 well placed shots with a sniper rifle will kill them to great effect :). This mashup campaign is created from...

  • Map
    The Lost City Sv. (Fixed)

    Fun survival map that's been ported from L4D1. Fixed any texture, navmap etc issues. Quite fun actually :). Learned a lot about how to properly setup a survival map with this one. Will be retouching my other ones that I ported. Left you ...

  • Map
    Bloody Rocks Sv. (Fixed)

    If the rocks aren't bloody you ain't doing it right! This is a port of a L4D1 survival by xXDoomsayer. Modified the map to make it more playable / make items visible. Enjoy.

  • 6 Maps
    Dead Echo (Fixed)
    Beta N/A

    Escape through urban and rural areas whilst fighting swarms of undead on your way to a deserted old military outpost called 'Echo'.

  • 5 Maps
    Cold Case (including Forsaken) by RF

    Cold Case pits the survivors in yet another impossible scenario. Their ride to safety has mysteriously crash landed on a remote island somewhere in the northwestern United States. After hours of waiting, they decide they are the only fou...

  • 5 Maps
    Escape From Toronto L4D2

    Our survivors must escape the Great white north by going thru the city of Toronto and then crossing the U.S. Border. Copyright 2022 [Trunten / TimelordMagnums357 / 1SG_Heartless] This item is not authorized for posting on Steam except ...

  • 5 Maps
    Dead Echo 2

    'Expert This!' Escape through urban and rural areas whilst fighting swarms of undead on your way to a deserted old military outpost called 'Echo' in the hope to find an evac point. We have a newer and properly fixed up and supporte...

  • 6 Maps
    No More Industries Ext. Mashup (Fixed)

    In this mashup I removed the finale and replaced it with the two maps from "There Goes the Neighborhood" by AtussaSimon, [GoD] Koukin_Shuuyu). They were a perfect match for the first four maps and it all came together nicely. They were a...

  • 6 Maps
    No Space 4 Zombies (Fixed)

    This is a fixed campaign created by Hunter McJesus back in May 2010. It's a retake on Coald Blood with a much different finale and journey to get there. All models, nav, etc have been fixed - replaced as necessary to get it working corre...

  • 7 Maps
    Coald Blood 2 Ext. Mashup

    Another fun Timelords mashup consisting of 8 maps - (Abandon Hope - ****** Bot) (10000 ft Under - Nigel Moran) (Breakline - Drunkugly) and Coald Blood - Hunter McJesus). Our crew land at an over run military base and have to work their ...

  • Mod
    Dead Space Infected Sound Scheme

    I have no idea where I got this from? I think it was out on a mediafire share somewhere? My apologies if this belongs to anyone here. If it does and you want it down I'll take it down. Its a huge Dead Space Infected sound scheme file. Yo...

  • Map
    Parasite Station 2 Sv. (Halo Reach Vers.)

    This is a L4D1 port of a survival map by X3Ent3nte FOXHOUND. I love this guys textures and have ported some of his other work in the past. I've been playing with making skyboxes so I borrowed this one from Zombies from Planet X1 by RYOK....

  • Map
    Xenoschreck2 Sv. (Fixed)

    This is a another survival map by X3Ent3nte FOXHOUND that needed some love. Fixed the nav map, ladders, etc. The textures in this survival are kewl as they come. I left lots of supplies that run the complete length of this map. This map ...

  • 5 Maps
    Dead Industry (L4D1 Port) (Fixed)

    (All maps are renamed so there is no conflict with any other campaign version) - In this 5 map campaign created by "2009" we find our survivors working their way through a French town looking for an escape. Eventually they make their way...

  • 6 Maps
    Country Roads NC Mashup (Fixed)

    Our survivors find themselves in NC. Some of the hickest, backwards, walmart attending zombies they have ever encountered. This is a mashup of a campaign called "Country Roads" by (President George Bush), a tie in map from "Field of the...


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