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    -cool loading poster 
    -i like where you start and end on the campaign 
    -well thought out panic events 
    -well spaced out ammo piles 
    -i like the festival in the beginning 
    -the scavenge at the end is tuff by your self on advance, but manageable with friends 
    -i like the swamp area, (to me) it was really realistic. 


    -maybe a little more details on the sewer maps   
    - very little lag spikes in some areas but not major 
    -2 missing textures in the 1st map(ill message you tomorrow where they are)
    (not a con just wanted to say this) 
    -i think it was just me but in 1 part of the of the campaign i saw a clown,swat guy and jimmy gibbs all in one of little area


    i like the the campaign over all , its was really fun kicking zombie @#$ in Louisianna!

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Published Items

  • Map
    Aint High Enough

    You are on a abandoned highway blocked on all sides with a river to your side.This is a huge map with tons of cars the tank can hit.This will probably be the last update for this map unless i get good suggestions or concerns about the map.

  • Map
    Fuel Rush

    its a foresty place with 2 little buildings and some train cars. why you call it fuel rush? because one of the train cars has about 30 gas barrels! see if you can make past 10 min!!?? thanks go to eligri for giving me the modded melee w...

  • Map
    l4d2 City Block Defence

    this is a port from my l4d map City_Block_Defence_ Thanks go 2 Marcusyaho helped me with the sound effects,decals,particles,and some textures and for Eligri for giving me the modded melee weapons that valve made please review ...

  • Map
    City Block Defence

    you are in a small part of a city some where but the roads are blocked and your only hope is to SURVIVE(This is my first map) finally fixed nav error! please give me any tips or bug problems you get! ............PLEASE REVIEW..........


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