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    -Good map layout
    -Large Group of Explosive Barrels
    -Food Vending Machine to start horde
    -Lots of camping places for just a block
    -Lots of weapons, etc. at camping
    -Two SI spawn together


    -A bit too easy to defend
    -Common Infected come basically from the same places
    -NAV Errors


    Review for V2.2 (beta).
    Simple Review:-
    A good map to play with your friends (or bots) over & over. A great one for those who are new to the game, since it is easy to defend.
    Detailed Review:-
    Overall the map is good, layout & theory are good. The Large Group of Explosive Barrels, camping places, weapons, & Vending Machine to start the horde are great. Two Special Infected spawning together is also good.
    However, the map is a bit too easy, on my very First try (with bots) I beat Gold. The Common Infected come basically from the back of the block, and/or from over the fence. Also, everytime I start the map, an 'Error: Map is Unplayable due to NAV Errors' comes up in-game, although I can still play it after pressing 'Continue'.
    Overall a good First Beta map & a great map to play over & over, with bots or with your friends.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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