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    -cool loading poster 
    -i like where you start and end on the campaign 
    -well thought out panic events 
    -well spaced out ammo piles 
    -i like the festival in the beginning 
    -the scavenge at the end is tuff by your self on advance, but manageable with friends 
    -i like the swamp area, (to me) it was really realistic. 


    -maybe a little more details on the sewer maps   
    - very little lag spikes in some areas but not major 
    -2 missing textures in the 1st map(ill message you tomorrow where they are)
    (not a con just wanted to say this) 
    -i think it was just me but in 1 part of the of the campaign i saw a clown,swat guy and jimmy gibbs all in one of little area


    i like the the campaign over all , its was really fun kicking zombie @#$ in Louisianna!

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