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  • Pros:

    Custom melee weapons
    Custom pickups
    Custom tank
    Custom models
    Custom music
    Custom textures (There's a lot of custom here :P)
    Shop/Currency in level 1
    Nice level design
    Console commands to let others know of completed objectives.
    Backtracing through previous levels
    Right length for a campaign
    Boss battles
    Small custom enemies
    Nice cutscenes
    Easter eggs


    Bots has some trouble on ladders and killed themselves (Mainly on the first level)
    The camo skins for some guns? I wasn't really a fan of them
    I'm still not sure if it was intentional or not, but some tanks spawned trapped unless you pressed the switch, making them too easy to kill.
    A couple of missing textures and models - In the boss key chest, and a missing model just before the flame dancer.
    The final boss seems a tad too easy, I didn't take much damage from it at all.
    I did get confused in some places, while others used the game instructor to show me where to go, which was useful.


    Overall one of the best custom campaigns I've played in a while. Great for any Zelda fan (I haven't played any unfortunately D: ). Would most definitely recommend! Remeber to disable other addons, as that enabled me to see the particle effects which are very important to the campaign.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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