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    Amazing campaign. Great map design. Plenty of supplies. No botnav errors. No glitches/bugs. And even though I don't use melee weapons, the custom melee weapons were a nice touch :)

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  • Mod
    Bréanainn's Modified Talker

    TL;DR This talker adds a TON of generic lines that I just thought of and added as I went along (doesn't touch campaign lines) and combines elements I liked from bazreal's talker, and also elements I liked from the L4D Beta talker. The at...

  • Mod
    Randomiser VScript

    ChimiChamo gave me his blessing to upload this. It's his randomiser mutation but it works on any gamemode. The survivors don't seem to get randomised, if you have Sourcemod, you can just get these two plugins to imitate that effect: ht...

  • Mod
    [SM Plugin] Firendly Fire While Incapped

    I commissioned this ages ago so I completely forgot who made it, but it adds friendly fire while incapacitated. Sourcemod only. It's not a perfect imitation; you deal 10 damage if you land a shot, but this doesn't apply to survivors wit...

  • Mod
    Pre-TLS/Legacy Iconsheet Support

    For some reason the TLS team made individual icon vtfs for every single weapon in the game. This sadly breaks iconsheets that have not been updated to support this new change. What this mod does is incorporates the Pre-TLS TextureData...

  • Mod
    Mishmash TRS/Beta/L4D1/L4D2 Tipgraphics

    A quick and dirty mod I made pretty quickly. Combines TRS concept art for special infected, L4D1 tipgraphics, and L4D2 beta recolours for the survivors. I borrowed some graphics from AZ1N's "E3 Inspired Level Transition Graphics." If he...

  • Mod
    Watch Every Single L4D(2) Trailer On Startup

    I was messing around with my backgrounds on the main menu, and had a really awful idea of having every single official trailer/movie watchable on startup, so.... here ya go... idk if anyone would use this but.. why not ig lol. This cover...

  • Mod
    Aim Bots

    Tired of the bots being useless? Other Bot add-ons not doing justice? This mod does mostly the same as others, but bots have instant reaction times, and they won't use melee weapons, unless a human picks it up and they go idle/leave.


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