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    I went ahead and played the updated version (I wanted to wait for the updated, presumably final version but whatever,) and even without a finale this campaign is honestly a lot better than Crash Course lol. This campaign is quite long, unfortunately I didn't keep track of how long I played for since I usually leave it to the game to keep track, but there's no credits screen yet, but I would estimate I was playing for around 30 minutes even without a finale, so it's well lengthed. If you're looking for a classic style campaign, this is a pretty good one, although there's only a single panic event in the entire campaign (and it's pretty meh,) I think it could've benefited from more. It can still be a bit confusing where to go at times if this is your first time playing, in particular, chapter two has a warehouse with a little ladder tucked away in the corner, arrows would've helped here, and also a game instructor hint on how to start the panic event on chapter three. Pretty solid campaign overall though worth a play, unless you're disappointed by the lack of a finale.

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    Bréanainn's Modified Talker

    TL;DR This talker adds a TON of generic lines that I just thought of and added as I went along (doesn't touch campaign lines) and combines elements I liked from bazreal's talker, and also elements I liked from the L4D Beta talker. The at...

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    Aim Bots

    Tired of the bots being useless? Other Bot add-ons not doing justice? This mod does mostly the same as others, but bots have instant reaction times, and they won't use melee weapons, unless a human picks it up and they go idle/leave.


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