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    UT3 Spartan model pack #2

    Collection of the Halo Masterchief models for UT3 Microsoft approves these being available These models have custom arms, shaders, gibs, physics and other features. Extract UTGame to your Unreal Tournament 3 Folder

    EvilEngine EvilEngine
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    Bouncy Rockets Mutator

    My first UT3 mutator ever!! This mutator makes it so rockets bounce off walls. Very simple. You also have the option of tweaking a few things such as: -Rocket life time -Rocket Speed -If you spawn with a rocket launcher or not -If all ...

    MavisPuford MavisPuford
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    This mutator gives all players a jetpack to fly around with. Players activate it by pressing and holding down the Jump key/button. Releasing Jump turns the jetpack off.

    Pfhoenix Pfhoenix
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    Liandri Hacker

    The main features of the weapon are: * Primary fire blade attack - can slice heads off and eviscerate corpses. * Secondary fire shock blast - very effective for destroying vehicles (and enemies on foot), can propel the player firing it ...

    fraghouse fraghouse
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    To install: 1. Have Unreal Tournament 3 installed. 2. Copy the provided folder to: My Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3 To play with Action Cam in Instant Action: 1. Launch Unreal Tournament 3. 2. Select "Instant Action". 3. Cho...

    Matt 'Fall' Webster Matt 'Fall' Webster
  • Mod

    WH40K Chainsword

    Chainsword from Space Marines 40k. Primary fire kills enemies instantly with a "burst" type fire enabling you to "swipe" at enemies for an area attack. Capable of killing 2 or 3 enemies in close proximity. Weapon has decent range for a "...

    Rumple Rumple
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    A UT3 mutator to increase gore. Usage: When starting a game, the mutator will show up in the mutator list as normal. If you wish to configure it, select it in the list of enabled mutators then click on the "configure" button at the bot...

    Mr Evil Mr Evil
  • Mod

    Galtanor's Invasion

    Try your best to stay alive against all manner of monsters ranging from hordes of AttackBots to the deadly ObsidianGolem in this awesome cooperative game type. There are fifty distinct and professionally designed monsters to face off ag...

    Galtanor Galtanor
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    Vas UT3 AutoShields

    This Mutator will give players auto shields that can be set to regenerate after time. You can set Shields at +10 every sec until max. If player is hit. Shield reg stops and will come back after 10sec of non fighting. Every hit to player...

    KalCorp KalCorp
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    Mutator - TVG Pack: Volume 1

    This is a mutator pack containing 5 mutators. A configuration UI is supplied, but the scaling is a little borked. I'll be releasing a new UI for it once it's corrected. It's still very usable; just a little ugly at some resolutions. Fas...

    Snky_Bstrd Snky_Bstrd
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    Weapon Arena Mutators

    This is a pack of mutators to allow arena style play with each weapon (only one weapon in the game which has unlimited ammo). Ammo still counts down, but the counter will reset when it reaches zero.

    DazJW DazJW
  • Mod

    Hammer Weapons

    An FX-oriented weapons pack. custom damage effects, melting giblets, eerie particles.. 5 weapons and a power-up are included in this pack. Please use the weapon replacement mutator to use them^^

    butterflo butterflo
  • Mod

    Jurassic Rage

    Jurassic Rage mutator turns hunters into the hunted. Packs of hungry dinosaurs roam the battlefield, looking for anything they can gnaw on. Whatever are your objectives, stay sharp soldier!

    Roman Switch` Dzieciol, Jamie EvilSmiley Krautkremer and Alex Gi Roman Switch` Dzieciol, Jamie EvilSmiley Krautkremer and Alex Gi
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    Ripper Lite

    Ripper Lite is a "port" of the original Ripper from Unreal Tournament - a popular weapon that fires sharp blades. The most common uses of this weapon are beheading enemies and spamming corridors with the bouncing blades. This version, ho...

    fraghouse fraghouse
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    With BattleRPG each player gets a persistent level and persistent experience. This means the server keeps a database and remembers your achievements permanently. For each point you score you get experience, if you have enough experienc...

    Nico de Vries Nico de Vries
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    Elite Machines

    Destroy godlike bots using dual configurable guns. This is a configurable mutator/weapon pack. Configure the mutator and opt to remove the custom impact hammer because it will lock up your game! Source code is included: (but will not c...

    PingFreaK PingFreaK
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    The Crucible Weapon Pack

    Thank you for downloading our mod! We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did developing it! This is part of a larger RuneStorm project called 'The Crucible', for which there are also several characters available. This mod should...

    RuneStorm RuneStorm
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    Ballistic Weapons UT3 Port

    Thank you for downloading our mod! This is an incomplete remake of our UT2004 mod "Ballistic Weapons", ported to UT3. It lacks many of the features of the original, but does feature a few new weapons.

    RuneStorm RuneStorm
  • Mod


    Dual weapons System for the ultimate fun and carnage.

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    Malcolm (Unreal Tournament 3 style) Includes: -red/blue teamcolors -Unreal Tournament 1 style sunglasses (choosable from the goggles tab) -Custom first person arms -Custom voicepack -Custom family -Custom faction (Thunder Crash)

    The_Slaughter The_Slaughter
  • Mod

    UTMultiTeam (3- and 4-Team Deathmatch)

    UTMultiTeam is a mod which brings classic 3-way and 4-way team deathmatch to UT3. It replaces all elements we could think of with multi-team equivalents including weapon skins, player skins, the HUD and scoreboards. In future releases, i...

    Catalyst Catalyst

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