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    De_Deposit-Army (Bomb/Defuse Mission) Hello guys! This is my first map. I hope you will enjoy. Description: Counter-terrorists: Careful! The weapons and ammunition depot is attacked by terrorists. CT Notes: There was a big balloon...

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    Hi! I present to you my map “de_runoff_hotrap” for "Counter-Strike: Source" – a huge and atmospheric map for real hardcore players (–bomb/diffuse mission; download below). I worked much on this map. I hope for you will be exciting to pla...

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    Walkway just read the cs:go version description, there the exact same but with different models and in one you run faster with a knife. I also don't care that the thumbnail is the cs:go version, exact same like I said. All credit Goes to...

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    Surf Empyrean

    Surf_empyrean_beta is a fast, funny and difficult map! FAST: Rounds 'mostly' will be faster than some of surf maps! Map has couple of different routes, but all the surf ramps and routes will take you to the main area where the jail and ...


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