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  • Map
    Moscow Madness

    Moscow Madness is a four player symmetrical map with three or four expansion points located in a variety of places nearby. Each base has several points of entry, two by land and two by water. The only way to access the other half of the ...

  • Map
    Arctic Circle Redux

    4 players start in a small island while the 2 start in a bigger island. Expansion nodes are located within the lake, near the mountains and in the middle island. Oil derricks are scattered around the map. 2 dry docks for capture to enhan...

  • Map
    Blistering Red Sands

    The map is based on the original Blistering Sands map from the up-and-coming Blizzard's game - Starcraft 2. It consists of one large, highly detailed Mykonos-type island with fully symmetrical sides for balanced gameplay. There are 3 exp...

  • Map
    A Place in the Heavens

    A Place In The Heavens features a new and extended array of units to use including the Tankbusters, Engineers and the IFV Gunner. The Clan choice area is used to select the Clan for your units. This affects the outcome of your units as...

  • Map
    Tsunami Redux

    Each player will start off on his or her own private island (4 total). This is a great map for those that like to have long naval battles. Tip: Money will be consumed quickly, make sure you monitor your resources and don't over spend. It...



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