Riverside Rumble Redux

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Let There Be Fight

    This map is a partial remake of the Red Alert 2 map, Let There Be Fight. The reason it is a partial remake is that I decided to add more water and a middle island for more strategic options. There is only 1 entry point into each of the s...

  • Map
    Battlebase X

    The idea behind this map was to say that this is part of the fortress that would be the place to hold the Japanese soil that the emperor insisted should be carried around for him, for when he has to visit the fortress. Battlebase X is a...

  • File
    RA3 Map Generator

    This map generator can generate 1-6 players land/water maps, and 2/4/6 players tournament (symmetrical maps). Current settings include textures & texture blending, heights, height smoothing, water height & reflection etc. These settings ...

  • Map
    Isolated Island

    Isolated Island is a 2 player map with each player starting with slightly limited building space to encourage expanding. Near each of the starting locations is a third Ore Node located on the third level. There are two oil derricks at t...

  • Map
    Operation Prison Break

    This is a mission map, you will play as the Empire of the Rising Sun against the Allies. It is a Co-op mission map, which is heavily reliant on teamwork. Without teamwork, you won't make it to the end. Be smart and lead the Empire to vic...



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