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    This is a Version update 3 player map with an added central Island which can be captured and defended. There are no starting defences with the central island, the buildings and comodities have to be garrisoned/catured and protected with ...

  • Map

    Crimson Passage

    Crimson Passage is a large map made for long 3v3 battles. The map tends to lend towards turtling, although large advantages can be gained by early attacks at the enemies tech structures. Each of the three players begins with two ore-...

  • Map

    Pacific Heights

    This map is a remake of Pacific Heights for Red Alert 2. Each player starts in the corner of the map with 2 Ore Nodes with 2 nearby expansions, one on the water and 1 on the land near the beach. The centre island contains 4 Oil Derricks ...

  • Map

    Shipwreck Shore

    My third map for Red Alert 3. Average-sized, forest map with a lake bordering bases of both players. Pressure on naval game ensured. Capturing islands on the lake is high priority to succeed. I tried to recreate Deadman's Ridge but it ki...



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