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Version 2.0 Complete

  • Map
    Arctic Circle Redux

    4 players start in a small island while the 2 start in a bigger island. Expansion nodes are located within the lake, near the mountains and in the middle island. Oil derricks are scattered around the map. 2 dry docks for capture to enhan...

  • Map
    Watering Hole

    Watering Hole is a four player desert map with an oasis and small town located in the middle. Each player starts off with the usual two ore nodes, and has two nearby expansions, one on water and one on land. Between each player location ...

  • Map
    Crimson Passage

    Crimson Passage is a large map made for long 3v3 battles. The map tends to lend towards turtling, although large advantages can be gained by early attacks at the enemies tech structures. Each of the three players begins with two ore-...

  • Map
    Siege of Sarajevo

    This is a 4-player map set in an urban setting. This map is a remake of Yuri's Revenge map Siege of Sarajevo (it's also remake of Kane's Wrath map Sarajevo Battlegrounds). A river runs through the city and separating the map on two parts...

  • Map
    Isolated Island

    Isolated Island is a 2 player map with each player starting with slightly limited building space to encourage expanding. Near each of the starting locations is a third Ore Node located on the third level. There are two oil derricks at t...



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