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  • Map
    Mayday II

    My fourth map for Red Alert 3. This map is my concept remake of Red Alert 2's classics "Mayday" - 1v1 battle snow city map perfect for infantry combats due to lots of garrisons around. Still, emphasis is also to be put on navy (a big aqu...

  • File
    C&C RA3 Worldbuilder

    This development toolset is used by Electronic Arts designers to create single-player missions and multiplayer maps for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, and now it’s available to you. The fully-featured 3D environment gives you complete v...

  • Map
    Assassin's Shadows

    This next map has been an idea I have toyed around with for a while. Its a 4 player map that requires a higher level of tactics to play. It has Ninjas ZOMG! The players on the map can have a choice of being in teams = 2v2, or have a “F...

  • Map
    Dual Duel

    This one is my 4th map and it was originally designed for Mission-like scripted gameplay but due to hard modding issues, I'm releasing this one with scripts-free Skirmish Gameplay. About Gameplay: This one is about pure team play. Two ...

  • Map
    Neon Glory

    A normal 6 player skirkmish map. The limited water area means that you cannot build a naval force - however, the urban landscape provides a large advantage to players who use infantry.



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