Autumn Island

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  • Clone11b

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Crimson Passage

    Crimson Passage is a large map made for long 3v3 battles. The map tends to lend towards turtling, although large advantages can be gained by early attacks at the enemies tech structures. Each of the three players begins with two ore-...

  • Map
    Iceland Icebergs

    This map was made with 2 vs 2 in mind, but is also suitable for 1 vs 1. Each player will start on the same Island and their team mate, with 2 ore nodes each. There is an expansion ore node near the edges of the right and left islands, an...

  • Map
    Fight For Survival

    ====== Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Map ====== * 2 Player Skirmish Map * 2 Observation Towers * 7 Oil Rigs * 10 Ore Nodes ----- This map is a 2 player Skirmish map. There is lots of money up for grabs. Each player starts with 3 Ore ...

  • Map
    Blistering Red Sands

    The map is based on the original Blistering Sands map from the up-and-coming Blizzard's game - Starcraft 2. It consists of one large, highly detailed Mykonos-type island with fully symmetrical sides for balanced gameplay. There are 3 exp...

  • Map
    Oceanside Revisited

    Map based on the original Oceanside map from Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge. It consists of 4 unique asymmetrical islands for base building, a central platform with tech structures and Ore Nodes of strategic value. The map also offers a ch...



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