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  • Simon "Hexedian" Pelletier

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Corrupted Oasis

    This map is one of the ideas I came up for RA2, it was actually created for RA2 some years back before C&C 3 came out, but the name back then was Last Oasis. Then I just decided to remake it for C&C 3 and change the name so it some how...

  • Map
    Art of Defense - Tiberium Grounds

    On this map you have to protect a building from being destroyed. This building can not be repaired, However you can reset his health by destroying 1 of the 2 battleships located on the sea. The enemy you are fighting only uses units and...

  • Map
    Tour of Egypt

    Tour of Egypt is the remake of the famouse RA2 Yuris Revenge map. On the map are for each player 1 Tiberian Spike and 1 Tiberian Field. On each Plateau is a EMP Building and a "big" blue Tiberian field for 3 Player to harvest. The attack...

  • Map
    City Chaos

    This is my first C&C map that I have created. I would like feedback to measure how I did. This is a 4 player map. It is very balanced I think. The key here is that the Subway hub in the city can be captured and gain access to the Backdoo...

  • Map
    Desert Crossing

    This is a 2 Player skirmish/multiplayer map for Command and Conquer 3, set in a Desert/Yellow Zone area. Havn't been able to run a final test on it yet, but previous tests had it running fine and bug free. (Minimap included!) Layout: 2 ...



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