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    A Minor Improvement

    I noticed minor differences in the game after I installed this.  It was mainly when a horde of zombies was rushing towards me.  I could see each zombie more clearly.  The horde did look more like a jumbled mess without this mod installed.  This mod may have improved the lighting in the game.  I could see everything a little more clearly.  I think the bad performance of the game affects the bot players too.  The bot players did seem slightly more reactive, and they weren't getting stuck behind objects as much.  I still play Left 4 Dead sometimes because of campaigns like Death Toll Apocalypse, Blood Harvest Apocalypse, and Coal'd Blood.  There's no way Left 4 Dead will ever be as good as Left 4 Dead 2.  Not even this mod will make that happen.  I don't think this GameMaps version is the latest version.  A person should download this mod from Github.  That's what I did.  There's also a mod that fixes the particles in Left 4 Dead on that website.

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