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Sonic Adventure 2: Sonic & Shadow Dispenser Scre

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Version 1.0 Final


  • Mod

    Pokemon UI and HUD soundpack

    BE WARNED. THIS SOUNDPACK MAY NOT WORK PROPERLY ON VALVE SERVERS. Pokemon UI and HUD soundpack for TF2 (v1.01) This soundpack will be purely using old Pokemon game sounds. You can check the demonstration video bellow. -Features- Sound ...

  • Mod

    Lilith and Maya Dispenser Screens

    Replaces the red dispenser screen with a chibi Lilith and the blue dispenser screen with a chibi Maya. Both characters are Sirens from the game series Borderlands.

  • Map

    Complex D

    Versus Saxton Hale map. Looks like a secret laboratory, where Red must fight with Hale (another freak) like group stripping fights with monster. Enjoy.

  • Mod

    Mortal Kombat Class Selection

    As the title says, it will replace your class selection music with the classic mortal kombat music and some custom voiceovers, made by Dragon Emperor Geon

  • Map


    River is a Minecraft themed TF2 map which I created in 2011 as a design test. I wanted to see if I could recreate a Minecraft themed map that would work with TF2 game play. After about 1.5 years of testing and constant updates, the final...



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