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Trade Festival

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Version 1.0 Beta


  • Map


    lately several people have been using my maps, but some of them say that maps like river are too big. so because of the size of river many people get low frames on the map. after some thinking i have chosen to create my version of the po...

  • Mod

    Hotline Miami Music Pack

    (warning: unknown if works in official servers) Since CS:GO has a Hotline Miami pack, why shouldn't TF2 get one? This pack replaces the following sounds: - All wave start and end musics in MvM. - Wave lost sound in MvM. - Class Selecti...

  • Mod

    Rio blu buff banner

    replaces the flag for the buff banner note : used really for friends games.

  • Map


    Get ready for a showdown in the Old West! This is a payload race map that will have players dodging through an abandoned town to see who can get their cart to the bank first! Made by one of our up-and-coming crewmembers.



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