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    Pl_Canyon (Old Rocket Ravine Beta)

    Beta N/A

    ATTENTION: This map has been redesigned for 24-32 player servers and updated to accommodate the new weapons released since this older version. The new version is entitled pl_rocketravine, so it's suggested that you download that instead...

  • Map


    Beta N/A

    cp_priderock - symmetrical 5CP map with jump pads (a bit of Quake-style gameplay). The middle point was based on The Lion King's pride rock. Special thanks to: Heyo - Borneo assets. Dr. Spud - Ivy models.

  • Map

    Trade Pretence Beta 5

    Beta N/A

    Beta 5 of trade pretence, now with double the content, bug fixes and plenty of zelda related easter eggs, along with most of the old content :3 Ill leave you the user to discover most of this maps features for yourself, however to menti...