Dead Zone 327

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  • kurochama

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    Good but lacks clue

    After several tries, I finished this campaign. Map 1 is wide & explorable. & there is random path generator on map 1 so the path is not predictable.
    The main problem lies on map 2. Map 2 lacks guides & instructions. I followed the path & after blowing a door with the oxygentanks, I got stuck there. There were guide arrows, but no clue about what to do next to open the door next to the blown door, because the saferoom was right behind that locked door. Leaving it unsolved, I used my mod to move an object by force like telekinetic (in this case, the locked door), & I walked to the saferoom.
    Map 3 is kind of short. I just walked for few minutes & suddenly the bots were running somewhere, indicating that the saferoom was near. I can say that map 3 is like walking around for fun, as there's no complicated thing to operate there.
    Then, the finale. The finale is straight to the point where survivors have to defend after contacting the radio. The defense area is very wide & it's perfect for deploying various strategies but it gives disadvantages to the Special Infected as there are close areas where Smoker & Hunter have to take a walk & Smoker cannot strangle the survivors from the roof but only from the ground.
    In overalls, it's average. It's enjoyable, but the map 2 ruins the mood. It would be better if map 2 has more instructions of what to do.

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