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Version 1.1 Beta

  • Mod
    Delphox and Samurott Dispenser Screens

    Replaces the RED dispenser screen with Delphox and the BLU dispenser screen with Samurott which are both from the Pokemon series. Credits to Xous54 for the images used.

  • Mod
    Hotline Miami Music Pack

    (warning: unknown if works in official servers) Since CS:GO has a Hotline Miami pack, why shouldn't TF2 get one? This pack replaces the following sounds: - All wave start and end musics in MvM. - Wave lost sound in MvM. - Class Selecti...

  • Map
    dr delay
    Beta N/A

    This is my first fully functional map. This is a deathrun map created by me. (Bread, id/Jaime_F) Map features - A motivator AFK Killer for both teams Runner for the activator 3 Eastereggs (One being a music room) 4 Endings (Instant win...

  • Map
    Meow server volley ball court

    This is a basic map for for volley ball that has a net and was made for the meow server/ group. If you make any modifications of this map, make sure to link the original map a.k.a. mine.