Italian Revolution [V 1.0]

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    MvM Battle Music: Beyond G&E

    Mod replaces the intro music for each wave in Mann vs Machine with two to two and a half minute long combat music from the Beyond Good and Evil soundtrack. BEFORE INSTALLING: Note that there is no pause on the music once it starts. If y...

  • Map
    Trade Pretence Beta 5
    Beta N/A

    Beta 5 of trade pretence, now with double the content, bug fixes and plenty of zelda related easter eggs, along with most of the old content :3 Ill leave you the user to discover most of this maps features for yourself, however to menti...

  • Mod
    Delphox and Samurott Dispenser Screens

    Replaces the RED dispenser screen with Delphox and the BLU dispenser screen with Samurott which are both from the Pokemon series. Credits to Xous54 for the images used.



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