Fire Wyrm baseball

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Fire Wyrm basebal...

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Version 1.0 Final

  • Map

    lately several people have been using my maps, but some of them say that maps like river are too big. so because of the size of river many people get low frames on the map. after some thinking i have chosen to create my version of the po...

  • Mod
    Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon Sound Pack

    These sounds replace the original with the Left 4 Dead 2 weapon sounds. All you have to do is just stick the folder in the custom folder and it should play. L4D2 Pistol - Pistol Auto shotgun - Scattergun Pipe bomb and Grenade La...

  • Map
    Pl_Canyon (Old Rocket Ravine Beta)
    Beta N/A

    ATTENTION: This map has been redesigned for 24-32 player servers and updated to accommodate the new weapons released since this older version. The new version is entitled pl_rocketravine, so it's suggested that you download that instead...