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  • Trunten

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    stolen theft

    so you can read enough to credit yourself for porting to the first left 4 dead...
    but some how you still failed to read IN THE EXACT WORD FOR WORD COPY PASTED DESCRIPTION... to stop re-posting.
    don't worry, I'll contact the original author for you, and the admin of this site, and we'll find out how they feel.
    • I have not stolen anything the mods I upload are with permissions and respective author credits 
      their models are ported for l4d2 ak47 
      I modified the files for the l4d1 rifle since many do not work on l4d1 
      well clear it says l4d1 no l4d2 almost nobody does mods for l4d1, I put the same description that exists in l4d2 since porto to l4d2 the original author I only moved it to l4d1 and its animations,there I think leave the files you could review in the same way, for me it would be disrespectful not to put its name of the original author when you upload the mod thanks

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