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Coal'd Blood

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  • Megadude

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    *Good length.
    *Very good use of height.
    *Can see future areas of maps from earlier areas.
    *Multiple routes to take in some places.


    Map 1:
    *Some areas quite boxy with just props for decoration.
    *Some props fade out when you are stil close to them.
    *Textures on displacement platforms need blending together.
    *In some places a certain prop is breakable, then in other places it's unbreakable. Needs to be more consistent.
    *Light was coming from some light props but they were using their lights off skin.
    *Dev textures visible in a couple of places.
    *No weapons, health or ammo in ending saferoom.
    Map 2:
    *No weapons, health or ammo in starting saferoom.
    *The texture scale of the cavern roof is too high.
    *Button for 1st crescendo doesn't glow.
    *If you jump on the wooden bridge early, you get stuck on it until it stops moving.
    *Needs more ammo spawns during map.
    *No health kits in ending saferoom.
    Map 3:
    *No health kits in starting saferoom.
    *If you are too late to get onto the elevator, you just hang from the walkway. It's shouldn't start moving until everyone is on the elevator.
    *No weapons, health or ammo in ending saferoom.
    Map 4:
    *No weapons, health or ammo in starting saferoom.
    *Some rock walls were completely flat. These need turning into displacements.
    *No one speaking on the radio.
    *Horde summoned without any kind of noise, lights or provocation.
    *Some invisible walls around roof of bunker.
    *No clear indication of where finale start was.
    *Some parts of light models were sticking out of the floor from the room below.
    *Skybox turned completely black just before the end of the outro.


    Overall a decent campaign. There are a few issues that need sorting out to make this run as smooth as possible, as well as some minor trivial things. I'm not sure if some of the cons may have been caused by the game being updated and this having not been updated since 2009.
    • I know I reply 5 years later, but I just want to correct you on one thing, there are supplies in the safe room of Map 4.

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