City of the Dead Redux (L4D Version)

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  • Sunyata

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    A very professionally made campaign

    I’m genuinely surprised by the impressive quality of this campaign. The levels are not only enjoyable but also have a substantial length. There are significant and noticeable improvements over the original version of the campaign - which I already liked in its initial form. Honestly, I found it hard to identify similarities between the old and new map layouts. In fact, this could have been a completely new campaign in its own right. In terms of quality, this revised version matches many other maps. In fact, I believe this revised version stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the very best custom campaigns, such as City 17, Dead Vacation, Dead before Dawn, I Hate Mountains, among others. In conclusion, the author’s work is commendable and exhibits professional craftsmanship.
    Sunyata ✶HardA✶

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    This is the mod 'rifle' for Left 4 Dead.

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    Night Terror (Fixed Version)

    This is a fixed version of the Night Terror campaign. The original campaign was released a long time ago and during that time I didn't find anyone fixing the issues I didn't like, so I went about it myself. The following was done: • ...

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    The Chopper Pilot Fixer

    More updates in the near future Make sure to do this on a local server. Also, this is my first mod :D

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