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    -- Areas have a lot more detail and "life" than a lot of L4D1 campaigns. I especially liked being able to explore all of the houses and shops in the little town.
    -- Maps are generally pretty open and spacious, with the exceptions being notably claustrophobic. 
    -- Not extraordinarily difficult.
    -- Bot nav is VERY good; I was able to forget that they were brainless artificial unintelligences by the end of the campaign.
    -- Lighting is pretty minimal, but good.
    -- Some imposingly large areas.
    -- Great minigun (minifun :D) placement in the finale.


    -- Some of the larger areas look pretty wonky, due to Source having a tiny draw limit.
    -- A couple of areas where my framerate tanked into the single digits.
    -- Tooooons of places where tanks can smack you off the map in the finale.
    -- Like a lot of L4D1 maps, you can see the lack of a proper SDK rearing its head in places. Occasionally I felt like I was playing a CS:Source map.


    Wish the author had stuck around a bit longer. This is definitely worth playing if you've got the old game.

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