Large Address Aware For L4D

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    Pistol (New sound)

    A new slightly modified sound for the pistol and dual pistol.

  • Guide
    Survive in the Hospital No Mercy

    How to survive in the hospital no mercy? Well first of all I just want to say that as you discover how to survive in the following maps we will try to help you with a guide, let's start. 1-when they reappear in the hospital place, every...

  • Mod
    Classic Offensive M3

    Terror Strike in your hands! No it doesn't use custom animations, I just removed the grip so it would work with retail animations. Credits Zool - Original M3 model Ceno - Porting the model/model edits & fixes Cuba - Origin...

  • Guide
    How replace sounds by yourself

    Process: Well this is very easy. what we need: know name of file what you want to replace, directory of this file and rplacement file (for example: I wanna change Tank theme on any other track, firstly I need to find this file, here's d...

  • Mod
    Pipebomb Reborn Updated

    Yogensia's Pipebomb, the world models fuse has jigglebones when dropped like the viewmodel. Installation: Use either of these install guides. GameInfo Method: How to CORRECTLY install mods Addons Method: Fastest way to install ...