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    - This map comes with a story, and a realistic one at that! Not something you see as quite as often.
    - All of the custom add-on images displayed properly, although the description for the add-on in the menu is the default 'mission' text, aha.
    - The map isn't too small, nor too huge, the size played out well. 
    - The navigation mesh worked good for me, no stuck zombies or anything, although they were having trouble going through the windows.
    - Plenty of weapons, ammo, and all that good stuff, I know it kept me pretty busy, aha.
    - The lighting in general was decent, nice headlight effects on some of the vehicles, and that car that crashed into the bathroom, so jokes, aha.
    - All the interactive doors, even the trap door made it all that much more enjoyable, everyone likes a dynamic map.


    - The fire isn't showing because you haven't included an 'env_fog_controller' entity within your map! Not only does that effect the fire, but I think fog would have added that extra kick to the map.
    - It felt like the map wasn't entirely optimized, some areas created minor lag spikes and just low frame rates. I thought I saw some overlapping brushes, as well.
    - Some walls just seemed so thin, some doorways too narrow, the flow from room to room was quite a bit distorted. I found myself getting stuck in doorways more often then not, which isn't fun.
    - No turret? Every maps gotta at least have one!;D


    - I honestly expected a little more when I downloaded this, the map rating was just a bit too generous, at least that's what I thought. There's a great story here, and a pretty solid structure, but there's so many minor imperfections that just kill the atmosphere in the map. I don't really know what I think about this map, it was fun for a little while, and I would recommend it, but there's still plenty more areas of the map that need to be improved on.

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