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    - Some good ideas such as the light switches or the zombie incinerator


    - Horribly stretched textures
    - Awful aesthetics
    - Buggy navigation
    - Zombies and special infected spawning in your face for no reason
    - Barely playable, let alone enjoyable


    At the beginning of the campaign I was greeted by a Death Toll camera looking at the abyss and then flying backwards through geometry. Then I was greeted by the horrid, ugly ground texture on which one pixel stretched a meter, and the supposedly outdoors setting was walled in by the same repeating boulder models and mostly nothing else. The sizes and proportions of all the brushwork was completely messed up and barely anything looked like something you would find in real life. The world was mostly made up of boxes with horribly stretched textures that were mostly out of proportion and made no sense what so ever.
    The forced spawns were horribly broken, not once did I have zombies just spawn all around me out of nothing, and the same goes for special infected spawns. This made parts of the campaign relentlessly difficult and punishing. The navigation mesh barely works.
    By the last map it looks like the author has completely given up; It was nothing more than giant box hallways with the occasional shelf prop tucked in, while the finale didn't even work and neither did the ending once we did manage to force start it using cheats.
    Overall, the whole campaign looks like it was made by someone who barely knew what they were doing and just threw random crap in everywhere. It looks horrible and it plays horrible, I have no clue how someone could give this out of their hands as a serious, finished product. I give this campaign a generous 1.3 because it had some novel ideas going for it, but I suggest the author improve his or her work by a metric ton before releasing another campaign.

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