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    L4D1 Dr. Breen for Bill - HL2

    L4D1 Dr. Breen for Bill - HL2 FEATURES -fp arms -bile texture -vgui icons CREDITS: Model: Merc L4D1 port : Xavi Rate, Comment, Enjoy. Your feedback is always appreciated. :D

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    Theuaredead's TRS Zoey Head + Retail Body

    This ports the TRS Zoey head + Retail Body that Theuaredead made for L4D2 to the rightful place! Credits: ED_Silenced - Porting the mod Theuaredead - Original creator Ceno - Publisher/VGUI Editor

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    Death Music : Goodbye The Yellow River

    Film directed by Feng Xiaoning in 1999. The Yellow River is a war love film produced by Shanghai Film Studio. It is directed by Feng Xiaoning and starred by Jing Jing, Paul Kersey, Wang Xinjun and Tu men. It was released in Hungar...

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    L4D1 Combine Ordinal [HL:A] Replace Bill

    L4D1 Combine Ordinal [HL:A] Replace Bill FEATURES -fp arms -jiggle bones (cloth, backpack, radio) -bile texture -vgui icons -glowing eyes CREDITS: Model: ฿ØⱠ₮Ø₭¹⁷³ L4D1 port : Xavi Rate, Comment, Enjoy. Your feedback...

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    L4D1 Hoffman (B4B) - Bill

    This is a mod that replaces the survivor of Bill, for a cleaner of Back 4 Blood: - Not include facial animations. - Includes VGUI. - This mod also features first person arms. This mod is not mine, I'm just the middleman who publ...