(8) Snow Blossom

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Version 1.0 Final


  • 7 Maps

    (8) Too Close For Comfort

    3x 8 Player 64x64 Map of Crazy Close Chaos, where you are luck to not die in the first 5 to 10 minutes. Good Luck on the Tech-Tree...there is just enough space to make it, and plenty of money...but never enough time. 6x Expanded Versio...

  • Map

    Terran Vs Zealot Micro v0.5

    Use this map to practice SCV + Marine micro vs Zealot. Options included: normal SCVs, invincible SCVs (Zealot only targets marine), horizontal spawn formation, and vertical spawn formation. Enjoy :)

  • Map


    Destroy all the opposing force enemy buildings. (4 players)

  • Map

    Attack of the Retarded

    OH SH*T! The retards of the school have grouped! AND they are planning an attack! Everyone grab the school's weapons, and lock the doors! It's a siege I tell you!!!! - Defend against the retards untill the timer runs to 0:00.

  • Map

    (1v1) All 3 Races

    "Normal 1v1 but you controll Zerg, Terran and Protoss. Destroy all enemy buildings to win. Map by Oaschloch. glhf" - mission brefing so basicly you start on big game hunters (up or down) with normal 4 workers bases: Left - Terran Middl...



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