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    Pretty good campaign, intense experience overall. I will say it's just a flat out unpleasant experience with bots, and I understand that nothing can be done about it, but I just wouldn't recommend playing this solo, the bots cannot avoid the landmines and will get themselves killed easily, so unless you want to go at a super slow pace and get far back, and snipe out the landmines if ya can, it's just not feasible. There's also a lot more special infected which I mean, come on, if I wanted more special infected I'd play a mutation, i don't need this in regular campaign. Either way if you've played Half-Life the maps are super familiar, you complete menial objectives to progress most of the time which require you to explore a little bit. Pretty fun though if you're a Half-life fan, not a bad take on the maps included, worth a play.

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Version 2.6 Complete

  • Mod
    Rayman1103's Mutation Mod

    Adds a lot of Custom Mutations created by me and others. The main-menu has been edited so all Mutations can be created via lobbies, and can be played online at anytime. To play Custom Mutations online, they'll have to be played via a ...

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    Apex R99 Dual wield Outlands Avalanche & Zero Point [SMG] (request) Apex Legends (2019) R-99 SMG Submachine gun. Skin replacement for the Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead 2 UZI SMG. scripts More 50 bullets sound edit skin - HK560 ...

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    Buried Deep

    An underground military complex where the survivors were resting was overrun, the only way out is opening a path through the infected. Story: This campaign is set in an alternate timeline where the APC that rescues the survivors in Bloo...

  • Map
    CJ House 2

    CJ: What are we looking for, Smoke? Big Smoke: Some Rats are going to meet with some Rifa from San Fierro to make some kind of deal. CJ: San Fierro? He thought that northern Mexicans did not mix with those from Los Santos. Big Smoke: ...

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    Beta N/A

    NMRIH:Anxiety Port to Left 4 Dead 2 Map Info: Map by Porkchops4lunch port by Solved/Timonenluca Single map campaign Currently in development Please post any bugs in the comment section :) , Best regards! Solved/timonenluca.