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[Random Tank music] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Vocal Tracks

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[Random Tank musi...

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Version 1.0 Complete


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    L4D1 Alyx Vance HL2 (Zoey)

    L4D1 Alyx Vance HL2 (Zoey) Features: ■ first person arms ■ facial animations ■ HUD/Incap/Lobby images ■ custom weapons/Items placement ■ Zoey's holster. CREDITS: Model: Turtle Rock Studio Funky_dude: Alyx Vance HL2 (Rochel...

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    [L4D] Casting Hud

    This is a HUD specifically for Casters, these can be used in Left 4 Dead community tournaments, it was used in the 2022 L4D1 NC International Tournament. In the images the NC Tournament logo appears, but in the published version I add...

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    Gestures Fix

    Fixes the Pointing and Coughing Gestures for Bill, Francis and Louis, so they no longer raise both arms pointlessly. (Zoey doesn't have this problem)

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    This is the mod 'autoshotgunon' for Left 4 Dead.



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