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  • Guide
    How To Install Left 4 Dead(2) Addons?

    How To Install Addons for Left 4 Dead(2) 1) Download WinRAR which can be found here 2) Download the addon you want. 3) When the download has finished, open the addon file via WinRAR. 4) Click 'Extract To'. 5) Extract to the Left 4 Dead(2...

  • Mod
    L4D1 Father Grigori [Bill]

    L4D1 Father Grigori [Bill] FEATURES ■ original hl2 face flexes ■ icons including lobby, in game and incapped images ■ first person arms ■ uses bills animations Credits: -Valve Software: model/textures/ Half life IP -Salad: fp...

  • Mod
    L4D1 Hermes Conrad (Louis)

    L4D1 Hermes Conrad (Louis) Features: - First person arms - v_models - HUD/Incap/Lobby images Credits: Model: Ti!3 L4D1 port: Xavi and copiled All animation swaps work online Rate, Comment, Enjoy. Your feedback i...

  • Mod
    L4D1 Ryder GTA (Francis)

    L4D1 Ryder GTA (Francis) Features: ■ first person arms ■ Facial Flexes ■ Viewmodel ■ HUD/Incap/Lobby images ■ custom weapons/Items placement ■ boomer bile texture. ■ Sv_intro model Credits: ■ Willi - model and textures ...

  • Mod
    Left 4 random beeps (Very unfinished)
    Beta N/A

    This makes the game less scarier, or atleast that is what i think. So after making that ''CS:S Maps on l4d'' mod, i got out of ideas, what else i was going to do?, this idea pops in my head, since i am lazy enough to not download CFGS...



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